About Us

Do you have used horse tack that you would like to sell, or are you looking for affordable used horse tack for sale in Northern California? A Little Bit Used Tack Shop is an equestrian consignment shop in California that specializes in buying and selling all horse-related gear. Whether you have a saddle that you don’t use anymore, and you want to get top dollar for it or you’re looking for horse blankets to add to your ranch, we can provide you with all the necessities.


At A Little Bit Used Tack Shop, we strive to provide buyers and sellers with the very best and most personal customer service possible. We are a family-owned and operated business that has more than 100 affordable used horse saddles and bridles for sale in Northern California, but we want people to come to us for more than just buying and selling items. We want them to be able to depend on our experience with and knowledge of horses. Also, it is our goal to blow our customers away with our large selection of horse boots, people boots, horse clothing, and affordable equestrian clothing for sale in California.


A Little Bit Used Tack Shop does not purchase horse tack directly from manufacturers. Instead, we accept used horse tack for sale in California from those wishing to part ways with it and locate potential buyers. You can set the price for your products yourself or ask for our help in doing so if you are unsure of where to begin. We would be happy to evaluate your items and generate a price for your used horse tack before adding it to our inventory.


The staff at A Little Bit Used Tack Shop consists of our owner and full-time store manager Mrs. Corie Benvensite as well as our chief sales consultant Mrs. Shannon Long, our website manager Ms. Macie Yagley, and our marketing manager Mrs. Michele Saylor. All three can help you with all of your horse tack needs and provide you with the services you need. Call us at 916-961-6264 with any questions you may have or stop by our shop to see what we have in store!