Return Policy

Please read this policy carefully.  All webstore sales are final with only one exception - trial saddles.

We have some saddles for sale in the webstore for which the consignors have given special permission for a 48 hour trial to check saddle fit once the buyer has received the saddle (shipping times vary of course).  NOT ALL SADDLES SOLD IN OUR WEBSTORE are subject to the 48 hour trial.  It is VERY IMPORTANT that the buyer CALL OUR STORE 916-961-6264, speak with a sales person, and find out if the consignor's contract allows for a 48 hour saddle trial BEFORE purchasing the saddle through our webstore. It is the BUYER'S responsibility to know whether or not any particular saddle includes the 48 hour trial before purchasing it, and if so, the 48 hour trial period begins at the time of delivery indicated in the shipping company's tracking system. 

If the buyer wishes to return a 48 hour trial webstore saddle, the buyer MUST CONTACT a salesperson at our store by telephone (NOT A VOICEMAIL) 916-961-6264 BEFORE the 48 hours has expired.  The saddle MUST be shipped to us within 24 hours of speaking with our salesperson (the shipping firm's tracking system will confirm). The BUYER is responsible for the return shipping costs.  We CAN deduct the shipping costs from your refund in some cases - again, this MUST be pre-arranged with our salesperson over the phone.

We will refund the purchase price once the saddle has been received at our store and examined to be sure the condition is unchanged. We will NOT under any circumstances refund any shipping costs.

If a saddle is sold through our webstore with a 48 hour trial and the buyer has not made contact with one of our salespeople by phone within 48 hours of the shipping firm's recorded delivery time, we will NOT refund the purchase price under any circumstances.

By clicking the button asking the buyer to read our return policy, that buyer is indicating they have read, understand and agree to comply with the return policy in it's entirety.

Thank You !